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Student Removal Services in Brighton from PoshPorters

Because Brighton has one of the largest universities in the UK, we have helped many of the student population inthe areato move to and from accommodation time and time again. When starting or coming to the end of a tenancy agreement, usually in line with traditional holiday periods, the student is often left with the questionof what to do next.


Our student removal services are target towards new arrivals and graduates who need our company to undertake house removal, flat removal and furniture removal requirements in the Brighton and Sussex areas.


Returning Home to Parents


Many students returnto the parental home after studying in Brighton and there’s no denying that eating cooked meals, getting your washing done and not being woken up at 3am by returningroommates is very appealing!


If Mum and Dad are ready and waiting to have you back home, we can handle any house removal or flat removal requirements on your behalf. We can transfer your belongings from Brighton to any local or nationwide location.


Moving in with University Friends


If you’ve loved your time in Brighton and want to continue new relationships or friendships, moving home may not be an option. The chances are that you may be considering the option of splitting rent in a new property with old friends. We can handle you furniture removal requirements under such circumstances with complete professionalism.


If you want to find a place of your own but have friends in theBrighton and Hove area who can store your belongings at the end of a tenancy, we can manage your house removal or flat removal for this interim period.


Taking Belongings to Storage Space


There are plenty of storage companies in and around Brighton. Some of the student removal work we take on sees us transporting personal belongings to such facilities. This short-term solution means you don’t need to bother friends or family if you prefer not to.


If you need any information on storage companies in the Brighton area, contact PoshPortersfor advice. We can supply boxes, tape and other materials to make your house or flat removal that little bit easier.


PoshPorters can also take care of your furniture removal needs if your storage space is large enough to accommodate bigger items. We can then organise a van to help you move into a new home in the Brighton area at a convenient time to yourself.