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Flat and House Removal Advice for Clients in the Horsham Area

When you are looking for somebody to help you make that important move to new horizons and a new chapter in your life, you need to choose a company that’s experienced, can provide premium quality assistance throughout the Horsham area and can deal with every type of move from a student removal to a six-bedroom house removal.


PoshPortersis that company. Based in Littlehampton and with over 20 years of experience under our belt in the field of professional house and flat removal, we provide the Horsham customer with a comprehensive range of logisticalsolutions.


Much of our work centres on house, flat and furniture removals. Here are seven handy pointers that will go some way towards helping you when moving into or out of Horsham and its surrounding areas.


1 – Come to PoshPorters for packing boxes. Some retailers will charge surprisingly high rates for boxes that push up the cost of moving. We can supply large and small boxes. At PoshPorters, we also have packing tape available. Pick up the phone and we’ll supply as many boxes or as much tape as you need for your Horsham house or flat removal.


2 –Start packing early. As soon as you know you’re moving from a current address, pack the items that you won’t be needing until after you reach your new home. This will save you valuable time nearer your house removal date.


3 – Pack one room at a time. Doing this will helps clients in Horsham to stay organised. When our staff come to unload itemsat your new home, they will know which box goes into which room. This will save you having to relocate boxes later.


4 – Label your boxes. Write on the sides of the boxes rather than the top as it will be easier to locate each box if they are stacked. We’d advise you to use a different coloured sticker or coloured pen for each room to make your house or student removal easier to manage.


5 – Do not overfill boxes. Light items in large boxes and heavy items in smaller boxes works best. The last thing you need during a house or flat removal is an overweight box collapsing and having to deal with the stress of broken items.


6 – We recommend that clients in the Horsham area make up a box of essentials. Once you’ve completed your house removal, you’ll probably welcomea cup of tea or coffee. Pack the kettle, tea bags and snacks into an easy-to-find box. Don’t forget eating utensils, baby supplies, pet food and toiletries!


7 – Furniture removal is a big part of our business. Customers can save space during transit by dismantling some furniture items. If you choose to take apart a wardrobe or a chest of drawers prior to using our Horsham furniture removal services, keep all of the fixings and fittings in separate bags. Make a quick sketch of where those fitting go for easy reassembly.